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Sonus Faber Toy Classic Black Leather

Cod produs 84
Producător: Sonus Faber
35.000,00 lei
1.399,00 lei

Sonus Faber conveys in the Toy the sheer experience of joy that comes from working with real passion and enthusiasm for music of all kinds. Toys have always been synonymous with happiness and surprise, the same emotions the art of sound has conveyed from time immemorial. Play is also about spontaneity, embodied perfectly in this gem-like system of compact loudspeakers which are easy to place yet convey the full impact of music in all its variety. The Toy is perfectly at home on a side table; it will surprise and delight you when installed in a bookcase; and it will truly shine when you treat it like the true high-end loudspeaker it is by placing it carefully in your favorite room. The Toy proves the pleasure of music reproduced with clarity and nuance can be a gift to everyone. FINISH: Barred black leather. DIMENSIONS: 265 x 185 x 270 mm (HxWxD). WEIGHT: 9.8 Kg per pair – net weight / 12 Kg per pair – shipping weight SYSTEM: 2 way vented box loudspeaker. CABINET: Construction with decoupled side panels for resonances and standing waves control. TWEETER: 25 mm ultra dynamic ring radiator-driver, neodymium magnet system. MID-WOOFER: 110 mm coated cellulose cone driver. CROSS-OVER: Non-resonant third order design, optimized phase characteristics for optimal space/time performance, cross-over point 4.500 Hz. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 60 Hz – 25.000 Hz, tuning port included. SENSITIVITY : 87 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m). NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm. POWER HANDLING: 20W – 100W, without clipping.